Relocating can be an exhilarating experience for humans, but it can be stressful and frightening for our furry companions. With some planning and patience, however, moving with pets can be a smoother and safer experience.

Pack Enough Pet Supplies

For long-distance travel, ensure that you pack enough pet supplies to last the entire trip. Dedicated a specific box or suitcase for your pet’s food, hygiene products, and comfort items. Doing so will help you stay organized and minimize stress during your journey.

Pet Habitats

Investing in aquariums, terrariums, habitats, and cages can get costly. If you’re relocating your pet’s home, speak with your residential mover about using extra padding or crating options that can help you safely relocate these items.

Arrange Pet Care

If you’re moving locally, consider having a trusted friend or family member pet sit on the day of the move. This will reduce your pet’s anxiety and prevent them from running away when unfamiliar faces start coming and going from their home, taking their belongings.

Research Local Veterinarians

Research local veterinarians in advance to ensure a smooth transition for your pet’s medical care. Scheduling an initial appointment at the new location can also help ease any anxiety and help both you and your pet prepare for the new place.

Check Into Exotic Pet Regulations

Exotic pet owners should check local regulations for any restrictions on moving their pets across state lines. It’s also essential to research international pet travel regulations if you plan to move abroad. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is a reliable resource for helpful information on international pet travel.

Consider a Pet Shipping Company

Consider hiring a pet shipping company for particularly complex or long-distance moves. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association can help you find a reliable and experienced pet shipping specialist.

Hiring a dedicated long-distance mover can also provide an element of personalized care and attention to help your pets deal with the stress of moving. For over two decades, Coleman Hawaii Movers has provided efficient relocations with unmatched care in Honolulu. Give them a call to get started with a free quote.