Post move storage tips

Once you have completed a relocation, your next step is organizing your items at your new residence. This post-move process can be challenging and requires a lot of work to unpack your belongings.

However, it's important that you store your belongings in a proper location to avoid potentially damaging them. This article will cover some tips on storing your items after a move.

Garage Storage

For most homeowners, the garage is a place to store all your items that can't fit inside your home. While a garage is suitable for storing many items like tools and equipment, it shouldn't store everything.

Due to the extreme temperatures that can develop in a garage, you should not keep sensitive items in there. Some items you should avoid placing in a garage are propane tanks, firewood, and valuable collectibles. 

Basement Storage

Like garages, a basement is a primary storage space for many properties. However, a basement presents a flooding hazard that can damage many of your valuable items.

When storing items in a basement, you should protect them from water by keeping them in a plastic bin with a lid. For large items, you should place them on an elevated surface to protect them. 

Antique/Fine Art Storage

Antiques and fine art present a unique challenge that requires additional protection to protect them from dust or rodent damage. When storing antiques, they should be in a secure wooden crate. 

The crates will protect them from being affected by external environments or pests. If you need assistance with crating your antiques, a professional mover can help. 

Self-Storage Facility 

If you are moving into a smaller location, you may be unable to fit all your previous belongings in the space. A self-storage facility is a convenient way to store your items indefinitely. 

While you store your items, you can decide whether to dispose of them or sell them. Additionally, you can keep your items in self-storage to maximize the space in your home. 

Warehouse Storage Facility

Warehouse storage provided by a professional residential mover is a good hands-off approach to storage. You can arrange the storage of your belongings for short-term or long-term lengths.

Once you are ready to receive your items, you can contact the mover for shipment. A storage provider will keep your items in secure wooden vaults that prevent rodent damage from occurring.

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