If you've ever moved, you know that the best way to save yourself hassles and headaches is to be organized. When it comes to protecting your fabrics during a move, here are some tips that can ensure everything arrives in one piece.

Packing Clothing

Clothes should be properly protected before your move. That's why it's best to wash all of your delicate fabrics before you move. This will remove dirt and dust, making them less likely to stain or tear during the process. In addition, it’s important to make sure that any stains are removed before moving day so they don’t travel with you!

Also, be sure to dry everything after the move with care. After you finish washing your clothes and linens, it's important that they get dried properly as well—you don't want them sitting wet in a box waiting to get moldy! Make sure they aren't left in direct sunlight or near drafts where they can dry too fast; instead, look for a safe spot with low humidity where things can hang out overnight without getting damaged by shock drying methods like drying machines or irons.

Packing Curtains and Mattresses

Like clothes, curtains should also be air-dried before packing and hung on sturdy drying racks so they keep their shape. If you must use a dryer (or if there's no other option), look for models with moisture sensors that automatically stop the cycle when clothes are dry so they don't shrink or wrinkle further in the heat.

When curtains are packed away, be sure to use padded hangers and folded lengthwise so they will not lose their shape.

Mattresses should be packed in a proper mattress bag that is breathable so excess moisture won't be let in. Mattresses should also be packed flat so they don't lose their form.

Packing Fabric Furniture

Fabric furniture also requires proper protection during the moving process. Plastic shrink wrap is one of the best methods to protect fabric furniture prior to your move.

Another great method is to use moving pads which can be provided by your local or long distance movers. Likewise, if you are moving valuable furniture like fabric artwork, your moving company may even be able to provide you with custom crating.

Packing Special Items

When it comes to moving special items like decorations or antiques, you will want to give them the utmost protection. One way you can do this is by packing them in plastic bins or totes.

Hire a Residential Mover from Coleman Hawaii Movers

With a little care, you can keep your clothes and other textiles in good condition as you move. While it may take some extra time and effort to do so, the benefits of protecting your fabrics far outweigh any inconvenience—and no one wants to be left with a closet full of wrinkled or stained garments!

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