If you are planning to move to a new home soon, you’re not alone. Approximately 35.5 million Americans move every year, according to statistics, with most people moving at least 11 times in their entire lives. If this isn’t your first moving experience, it’s safe to stay that you’re aware of how much work goes into a typical moving project—and are currently looking for excellent relocation services to help you make a smooth and easy transition into your new home.

If this is your first move, be warned—moving can be complicated. From packing to preparing your documents and utilities in your new home to arranging the transportation and the actual move, one can easily get lost in the different aspects of this lengthy, multi-step process. In order to spare themselves from all the hassles of moving, wise homeowners usually hire professionals to help them plan, organize, and execute a stress-free moving experience.

Whether it’s your first relocation or your fiftieth—the first step to finding the right moving services is by doing a bit of research. There are two ways to go about finding a professional company to help with your relocation, and that’s hiring a moving company directly, or working with a moving broker. However, before you decide on your approach, it is important to know the difference between moving brokers and moving companies.

Reliable moving companies such as Coleman Hawaii Movers can be easier to find with the help of a broker which already has strong connections in the industry. In this article, our team at Coleman Hawaii Movers shares everything you need to know about moving brokers—and how the right broker can help you find a great moving company to work with for your next relocation.

What is the Difference Between a Moving Broker and a Moving Company?

In the simplest words, a moving broker is a company that serves as a middleman between the client and the actual moving company. During high season or for last-minute moves, professional, licensed moving companies are often booked or otherwise unavailable—and finding an available moving company can be difficult. A moving broker works for the client to find a moving company that is available for the type of relocation services the client needs. The broker will accept quotes on behalf of the client and handle deposits and contracts between the client and the moving company they choose to work with. 

Because brokers only serve as middlemen, they do not need to have moving trucks, tools, and equipment, or a team of moving professionals. They do, however, need to have the proper licensing and credentials for working as a broker (more on that later), and excellent relationships with a great number of reputable moving companies to get the best deals.

How to Find a Responsible Moving Broker

Before you sign a contract or hire a company for your move, ask whether the entity is a moving broker or a moving company. If you choose to hire a moving broker, make sure that it follows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s checklist:

  • The broker is registered with the FMCSA
  • The company provides you with the FMCSA’s “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” pamphlet and the “Ready to Move” brochure.
  • The broker provides you with a list of moving companies they are affiliated with.
  • The company only works with moving companies that are registered with the FMCSA.
  • The broker has a written contract with the moving companies they use.
  • The company has a binding or non-binding estimate on the tariff of the moving company that will work with you.

The advertisements of the broker reference their physical address, motor carrier number, and a statement that it is indeed a qualified moving broker, and will aid in scheduling and organizing the move (but not perform the actual move itself).

The moving company should be asked by the broker to do an in-home survey of the items that will be transported to your new home.

Finally, check the license status and complaint history of the moving broker (if applicable) on the FMCSA site by visiting protectyourmove.gov.

The Most Trusted Moving Company

Coleman Hawaii Movers is a moving company, not a broker--and works directly with the clients to complete local, long-distance, and international moving projects of all kinds. We’re dedicated to providing efficient, timely, and reasonably-priced moving services and are proud to be one of the highest rated moving companies on the island.

Whether you need experts for residential moves, commercial moves, international relocations, storage solutions, or other moving services, our team of licensed moving consultants, packers, and drivers is here to help. To learn more, give us a call at Coleman Hawaii Movers today. Alternatively, you can fill out this quick online form to request for a free, in-home estimate.