If you are getting ready to move soon, even if you’ve hired a Honolulu long-distance mover, it’s important to be careful and safe. There are many ways that homeowners can get hurt during a hectic relocation. If you lift heavy boxes the wrong way, you can sprain a back muscle. It’s possible to cut yourself on broken glass or ceramics. You could even drop something heavy on your foot and end up spending the day in the emergency room.

However, you can take the same precautions as professional household movers to avoid these injuries and keep your family happy and healthy.

Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Injury During a Long-Distance Move in Honolulu

We know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment or feel tempted to cut corners when running up against a deadline, but you must always follow safety procedures. Be aware of your environment and where your body is at all times. Plus, make sure you practice good ergonomics to protect your back!

Here are a few suggestions that even residential moving companies’ practice:

  • Take the time to get a good night sleep, eat a good meal and hydrate before getting to work.

  • Consider stretching your arms, legs, and back to ensure you are good and limber.

  • Always use proper lifting techniques, such as squatting to pick up items and lifting with your legs.

  • Wearing proper clothing, such as closed toe shoes with good traction, and flexible, but not baggy clothing.

  • Don’t be a hero. Use the hand truck, flat dolly, or lifting straps for moving heavy items.

  • Avoid carrying stacked boxes. This load will be too heavy, and you won’t be able to see properly. 

  • Avoid overfilling boxes if you are DIY packing before the move. Try to pack things in more boxes instead.

  • Walk through the house clearing wide, accessible pathways for yourself and the movers before the big day.

  • Remove loose carpeting and rugs and make sure there is no moisture on the floor to avoid slips and falls.

Proper Lifting Techniques for Moving Day in Honolulu

If you are planning on doing some heavy lifting, make sure you take care to do it right. Don’t try to lift more than you know you can handle. Always consider using moving equipment or having a friend help out.

It’s also important to do the following when lifting an item:

  • Stand with your legs spread to give yourself a sturdy base of support.

  • Stand close to the box you want to lift to avoid leaning over and straining your back.

  • Speaking of bend at the knees when going to lift the box.

  • Keep your core engaged when lifting a box.

  • Use the muscles in your legs to do the actual lifting work.

  • Avoid turning, twisting, or bending over when lifting anything.

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At Coleman Hawaii Movers, our household moving company has spent years overseeing long-distance relocations for our customers. Our residential movers in Honolulu are also ProMover certified and BBB-accredited. As agents with Allied Van Lines, we are well-versed in modern safety practices and moving hazards. Let our team take care of the bulk of your relocation so you can remain healthy and relaxed. 

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