If you’re planning on moving to Hawaii, chances are that you’re considering moving in the summer. Unfortunately, you’re not alone with that line of thinking. In fact, the moving industry has a peak season which lasts from May through September. While this timeframe has its perks, you’ll find yourself competing with other households for available time slots on moving companies’ calendars.

That’s why planning an off-season move can actually be less of a hassle than a summer one. Scheduling your move sometime in October through April could result in some handy benefits that leave you with fewer headaches and possibly even save you money!

How so?

Additional Flexibility

If you’re moving outside the peak season, you’ll have an easier time finding a moving day that fits your schedule. Since more households tend to move during the summer, if you try to book a moving company during this season, you could find yourself having to wait weeks to get a spot. Book during the winter or early spring months for increased flexibility with your moving schedule.

Faster Delivery

Another perk of moving during the off-season is that you’ll likely receive your belongings faster than if you were to move during the peak season. Your moving company will have fewer shipments to move, which means their teams can get to yours faster.

Extra Savings

Moving companies want to help customers year-round. That’s why they’re more likely to offer deals during these off-season times. If you schedule your move during the offseason, you could save money on your move thanks to discounts or promos. Whether it’s on the services themselves, packing materials, or even storage rates, your wallet will thank you!

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