The Coleman Hawaii Movers team of Honolulu long-distance movers has compiled their best tips for reducing stress during a long-distance move. After helping many families around the island pack up and get to where they need to go, our experts have learned a thing or two about keeping peace of mind when a big move looks intimidating.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Yourself 

The first step to ensuring the loved ones in your household and all your belongings make it to your new destination in top-shape is to look for a reputable long-distance moving company. Being assured by the reviews of other customers that a moving company provides high-quality service will do wonders to reduce stress on yourself.

Additionally, it is a lot less anxiety-inducing to move to a faraway location when you don’t have to pack everything in your home by yourself. Hiring expert long-distance movers who provide secure packing services, like the services we offer at Coleman Hawaii Movers, will let you rest easy knowing your belongings won’t be broken by the time they reach your new home.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Children

A long-distance move is a very exciting adventure, but your children may have some stipulations about leaving behind their old house and friends. To ease your children’s worries about making the big leap to start over somewhere new, we recommend you:

  • Approach the subject of moving with compassion because your child may be upset.
  • Discuss the positive aspects of moving, such as new friends and new places to go.
  • Show them exciting things that will be in the new place you are moving to.
  • Reassure your child instead of scolding them if they act out because they may be scared.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Pets

Pets will eventually love their new homes, but at first they may be wary of traveling and new surroundings. To help your four-legged friends feel safe and happy during your long-distance move, we suggest you:

  • Crate train dogs and cats before traveling across a long distance.
  • Have their favorite treats, toys, and blankets for the journey.
  • Ensure travel plans have been made for your pets in advance.
  • Allow pets to slowly adjust to their new surroundings one room at a time.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Plants

As it turns out, plants can feel stress, too! Whether you have outdoor plants the need to be temporarily potted or indoor plants, our top tips for travelling with their wellbeing in mind are:

  • Replant outdoor plants in your new location as quickly as possible.
  • Water plants that have been packed according to their usual schedule.
  • Keep plants at the temperature they should survive in, or they may not make it.
  • Keep plants packed in pots that won’t break, such as plastic pots.

Our Long-Distance Movers Want to Help You

The Honolulu long-distance movers at Coleman Hawaii Movers would love to offer many more tips and their expert services to you. With professional training in packing, padding furniture, custom crating for fragile items, and more, our team can have you in your brand-new home easier than you could have imagined. Our high-quality packing supplies, short-term storage solutions, and exceptional van line affiliation with Allied Van Lines mean that all your moving needs will be covered. If you want to move somewhere new for the next big adventure, please contact our Honolulu long-distance movers by filling out our easy online form for a free estimate.