Many people choose to move to a new home between mid-May and early September because there are many benefits. This time of year is known as the peak season in the moving industry because kids are off school, the weather is warm, and customers usually have time off work. Since there are so many advantages, most moving companies get booked up for these dates well in advance.

If you are stressed over finding a trusted mover to help with a relocation this summer, don’t worry! There are actually many advantages to sneaking in a relocation before the rush hits.

(1) Reduce Costs

For customers working with a tight budget, we always recommend a pre-peak season move. With the demand for relocation services in the summer months, the prices are usually higher. If you aren’t worried about moving mid-school year, then there is no reason to put off your move until the prices rise.

Rather than waiting and letting the moving crew handle everything, you can start packing some items early to save yourself some more money. You can also take the time to compare quotes so that you can find the most affordable residential moving services.

(2) More Flexibility

As we mentioned before, most of the high-rated moving companies end up getting booked months in advance. Instead of hiring the only moving crew you can find with a last-minute availability, you should give yourself more flexibility. If you plan a move before the peak season, you should have an easier time finding a company with a good reputation.

More importantly, you can have more flexibility with your moving dates. When you start planning as soon as you find out that you are moving, you are more likely to find a time that work best with your schedule.

(3) Cooler Temperatures

We know that a lot of customers like to plan a long distance move in the summer months because they don’t want to worry about tracking mud, rain, or snow, but when you move in the spring, the temperatures are a lot more comfortable. Even if you hire professionals, the sweltering heat can make a peak season move unbearable. Not to mention, it is easy to get dehydrated!

To make your local move more enjoyable, you can choose the cooler months and simply prepare for inclement weather. If you come to your home ready with rubber mats and other flooring protection, you don’t have to let a little rain stand in the way of your moving day.

If you would like to schedule your move before peak season, you need to act fast! Contact Coleman Hawaii Movers to start planning a quick and efficient relocation. You can call to discuss your relocation needs or fill out our online form to request your complimentary quote.