Hiring a moving company to move your items for you can alleviate a lot of stress, but you do have to keep one thing in mind. There are certain items that a moving company won’t move, and if you don’t know what these items are, when moving day comes, you might be left with leftover items you aren’t sure what to do with. To avoid this situation, the trusted residential movers here at Coleman Hawaii Movers will go over items that moving companies won’t move and what to do with them. 

What To Do With Items In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen houses many perishable items that moving companies won’t move because these items will likely spoil, leaving them inedible and non-usable. Along with perishable items, your kitchen likely holds your fire extinguisher, which a moving company also won’t move since it is combustible under certain conditions. Before moving day, make sure you: 

  • Consume Perishables
  • Throw Out Perishables
  • Dispose Of Your Fire Extinguisher Properly 

What To Do With Items In Your Laundry Room

When it comes to flammable items, your laundry room likely has many of them. From cleaners to detergents, there are various items in your laundry room that can pose a hazard to movers which is why they won’t move them. To protect the movers and yourself, make sure you properly dispose of any detergents and cleaners so you don’t have to deal with them on moving day. 

What To Do With Items In Your Garage & Patio

Your garage and patio have a lot of items that moving companies won’t move. From lawn maintenance equipment and grills to plant fertilizer and gas/oil, many of these items are potentially hazardous to transport for moving companies. When it comes to items in your garage and patio, you should: 

  • Properly Dispose Of Gas/Oil & Fertilizer
  • Make Sure Equipment & Grills Are Emptied Out
  • Donating Equipment That You Don’t Need 

What To Do With Items In The Living Room 

Your living room is one of the more decorated areas in your home. You want it to be inviting and welcoming to anyone who uses it, which is why you likely have plants nestled around it. Unfortunately, a team of long-distance movers will not move your plants since they might survive the trip in the moving truck. So, if you have plants, consider:

  • Disposing Of Them
  • Transporting Them Yourself
  • Give Them Away 

What To Do With Items In Your Bedrooms

Personal items are usually stored in bedrooms. If you are a collector of firearms or own one for personal defense, then you likely have one stored in your bedroom somewhere. Moving companies won’t move any firearms because of potential hazards they are along with certain states not allowing them. If you have firearms, then: 

  • Consider Shipping Them
  • Taking Them With You
  • Educating Yourself On Local & State Laws

Be One Step Ahead

Nothing is worse than having a variety of leftover items to deal with once the moving company has moved your items. With these planning tips, you should be able to be one step ahead when it comes to planning for items that moving companies won’t move.