When it comes time to move, packing is easily the most exhausting part of the process. You'd be surprised how many items you've accumulated over the years! While it may be tempting just to throw everything into the first box you can find, this is a sure-fire way to complicate your move with disorganization. As dry of a topic as it may be, selecting the proper moving boxes is a crucial step! You'll save yourself hours of frustration when you take the time to allocate your items to their correct boxes. Let's dive in and cover all of the box choices available to you by your residential movers.

Box Sizing: What Goes Where?

While all cardboard boxes may seem the same, this is far from the truth. Each has its own specifications and intended weight load, which is something to consider when packing for your move. The three main box sizing choices and their applications are:

  • Small Boxes: These compact boxes are best for small heavy items like books. Because of their condensed nature, they're able to support a higher weight load than some other boxes.
  • Medium Boxes: A great versatile box, medium boxes can be used for a variety of different-sized items. Just be sure that you're not overloading it.
  • Large Boxes: Large boxes are best reserved for lightweight, bulky items like comforters, pillows, and blankets. These boxes don't have the structural integrity of smaller ones, but they're excellent at keeping large items organized and packed away.

Boxing Solutions for Unique Items During Your Honolulu Move

Not all items will fit in the typically sized boxes available to you by your long distance movers. If you own items that are oversized or uniquely shaped, you'll need to find a solution that fits them. Long, slender items like fishing rods and golf clubs fit well in an extra tall box. Documents, papers, and other stationary items fit best into a file box that is specially designed for documents. Electronics are best placed in a box specially made for them, as these items tend to be extraordinarily heavy. An electronics box will be reinforced in all the right ways to support the weight. Finally, if you have a mirror you'd like moved with your home, definitely place it in a padded mirror box that fits! This will prevent accidents from occurring.

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